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HIPAA & OIG Compliance Programs

NEW: HIPAA & OIG Compliance Programs from Target Coding

HIPAA Program Key Elements:

  • A comprehensive risk analysis with detailed report and action plan.
  • Cloud-based storage portal for all HIPAA policies and procedures.
  • Compliance training videos for clinical and administrative staff.
  • HIPAA compliance testing with certificates of completion.
  • Business associate tracking
  • Business associate agreement and HIPAA notice templates.
  • HIPAA updates, articles, links and related reference material.
  • Includes $100K of HIPAA cyberliability insurance.
  • Also included is an OIG compliance manual & training (limited time).

OIG Program Key Elements:

  • Acomprehensive customizable OIG compliance manual.
  • Policies and procedures personalized for your practice.
  • Chart audit tools and corrective action plan guidance.
  • Sample training logs, incident report forms and employee attestations.
  • OIG articles, links and related reference material.

Are you on the right HIPAA & OIG Compliance Path?

Let Us Help You Get on the Right Path Today!


Have you performed a Security Risk Assessment?

Do you have a appointed a compliance officer for your practice?

Have your Business Associates signed Business Associate Agreements?

Do you have disaster recovery policies and procedures in place?

Do you have emergency operation procedures in place?

Are procedures in place to facilitate proper ePHI access being granted?

Do you have a policy in place for terminating a staff members access to ePHI?

Are all staff members required to go through security training?

Can you provide an OIG manual if Medicare came knocking on your door?

Do you have procedures for disposal of electronic media that stores ePHI?

Does your practice encrypt email to protect ePHI and important information sent through email?

HIPAA Compliance Video

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